Jeff is featured in the following books:

Shakespeare in Performance
Edited by Eric C. Brown and Estelle Rivier, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2013

Doyle Ott references Jeff a number of times in his excellent essay "Fitting the Globe in the Ring: Circus in Shakespearian Performance"

Rekindling The Flame: The Many Paths to a Vibrant Judaism
by Sam Osherson, Harcourt 2001

Jeff's work with Jewish themes, as a playwright, teacher and actor, are
featured in two sections.

The Pickle Clowns: New American Circus Comedy
by Joel Schechter, Southern Illinois University Press 2001

Interviews with many Pickle clowns, including Jeff, his long time partner
Diane Wasnak and director Tandy Beal.

Other Projects - Acting - Directing - Guest Instructor - Bracebridge Dinner