Ensemble Plays

"Oedipus the King"

Jeff's adaptation of Sophocles' most famous tragedy was commissioned by Arts Are Basic in Lincoln, Nebraska for middle school and high school students. "Oedipus" was also produced as a staged reading by Miracle Theater in San Francisco with a cast of three professional actors. California Theater Conservatory recently staged a full production of "Oedipus" with a cast of 20 middle and high school actors, adding music to Jeff's script.

Adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" by Jeff Raz and Doyle Ott
Music by Johannes Mager

In 2009, The Clown Conservatory produced this circus interpretation of the Lewis Carroll classic, with the cast of nine juggling, tumbling, singing and playing their way through "Wonderland".
The successful opening tour included shows at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, Front Door Theater, Arcata Playhouse, Pt. Reyes Dance Palance, Yerba Buena Center and Circus Center.

"The Monkey King, a Circus Adventure"
Adaptation of "Journey to the West" by Jeff Raz
Music by Johannes Mager

The Clown Conservatory produced this Comedia dell'Arte-tinged interpretation of the great Chinese epic "Journey to the West" in 2010.
Jeff condenced 100 chapeters into 9 scenes that can be combined to make a show from 15 to 90 minutes, with scenes that were 'family friendly' and some that have adult themes and language.

"Lungman and Windpipe's Excellent Adventure"
Written by Jeff Raz
Music by Johannes Mager

"Written by Jeff Raz, "Lungman and Windpipe's Excellent Adventure" is a fast, energetic voyage inside a pair of lungs, where the heroes are attacked by the body's immune system."
Christina Eng, San Ramon Valley Herald

Commissioned by Make*A*Circus, this educational theater piece about the biology of breathing and the dangers of second hand smoke was performed by a cast of 10 with a live band for Make*A*Circus's summer 1998 tour. It has had two subsequent school tours with a cast of 4 and recorded music. Appropriate for grades K - 6.

Written by Jeff Raz
Commissioned by the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

"Writer-director Jeff Raz concocted this playful exploration of the science of genetics as part of the Exploratorium's "Diving into the Gene Pool" exhibit. It's geared towards kids, but don't let that stop you - even if you're currently tot-free…(Dog Tails) combines physical humor and snappy repartee to deftly juggle genes and unravel the hereditary puzzle. Raz's script provides a few gentle lessons in puppy-making and the benefits of muttdom's rich diversity."
Neva Chonin, S.F. Guardia

"Isabella, my Love; a Commedia Scenario"

This versatile commedia scenario has been performed by Miracle Theater and by students at School of the Arts and Lowell High School. It is written for 8 commedia characters.

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